E-Shield Model #4
Retractable Room Divider Screen

Mounts To Any Secure Ceiling

Retractable Room Divider Screens

Divide Desks And Cubicles

Room Divider Screen

Create A Safe Workplace

Model #4 | A Retractable Room Divider Screen

The Eclipse E-Shield Model 4 has been designed for entryways and for room dividers providing an on-demand barrier. The crystal clear, fire retardant panel is retained into the side tracks for added protection. When not in use this retractable room divider screen is self-storing overhead inside the aluminum, powder coated cassette housing. Custom made in the USA for an exact application to ensure optimum performance and fit.

The E-Shield is also easy to clean and can be wiped down with disinfectant as needed. Operation can be done with a wireless wall switch, remote control or with a smart devise through an app. Eclipse also offers interior application with privacy sections (opaque fabric on the bottom, clear on the top section) as well as fabric for exterior use.

Product Highlights
  • Interior shield operated with 110V plug-in motor
  • Control with a remote, wireless wall switch, or any smart device
  • Designed to be mounted wall to wall
  • Complete custom made for each application
  • Up to 16' wide x 12' drop
  • Vinyl is "zippered" into the side tracks for great protection
  • 5" aluminum cassette housing for self-storage when retracted
  • Fire Retardant, 20 mil thick, double polished clear vinyl
  • Hardware available in white, camel, bronze or black
  • Professional installation suggested
Technical & Installation Info
Room Divider Screen With Window

Model #4 | Our Completely Retractable Wall Divider

Divide a room or Create a wall to wall, floor to ceiling retractable shield. The Model #4 has the option to be entirely transparent, or shown here, with both fabric and an added transparent window. This application is custom made to order and is ideal for businesses, professional offices, and reception areas wherever workers are in personal face-to-face contact with other workers or customers. This retractable room divider screen is intended to divide rooms, limit access to certain areas, and section off an area to reduce traffic. Learn more about the technical aspects of both the screen and hardware here.

eclipse safety products return policy

*Eclipse Safety Product's Return and refund Policy

Your E-Shield has been specifically crafted and custom built for your unique needs which render it unsellable to another customer.

If an E-Shield needs to be returned, we can typically salvage the components, if received undamaged.

A 30% restocking fee (on the original sale) will be charged.

If you are returning a non-defective product, you must pay return shipping fees.

In order to return your product, you must contact us to get a valid return authorization within 15 calendar days from the date of delivery.

You must also get your product to a shipper and have it delivered to us within 30 calendar days from the date you received it.

All returns must be complete. If your return is not complete and undamaged, it will be rejected and returned back to you.